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NAICS Code: 624230

Housing and Tents

Temporary housing can be provided through multiple configurations to include soft wall (vinyl) and hard wall (ABS panel) clearspan structures. Additionally, mobile bunk trailers, modular conex units, or pre-located existing structures can also serve as dwelling solutions. Utilizing industry leading brands and equipment will ensure that all needs are met and exceeded.

Soft wall structures consist of a climate controlled, clearspan frame tenting with elevated flooring, lighting, safety packages, and egress doors. These accommodations can include army style cots, linen packages, bunk beds, roll aways, or your choice of bedding.

Hard wall structures are for a longer duration event/response. The ABS hard walls are much more durable and can be better insulated for longer durations. AllSource can also install glass wall clearspans for your large scale, high profile events.

Mobile bunk trailers and modular housing units come in multiple configurations. This is to include 12 bunk, 16 bunk, 36 bunk, and 42 bunk configurations. The modular housing units are a longer duration solution, coming in 4 person, 5 person, and 8 person configurations.


AllSource has access to the nations largest fleet of portable showers, laundry, restrooms, portolets and hand wash stations. We can fulfill any request in a time sensitive and cost effective manner for any and all events. Utilizing JAG Mobile Solutions along with purpose built event equipment, any event large or small, can have a great visual impact for your event. Each asset if fully customized to fit your needs.

Portable showers come in the following configurations: 3 head, 8 head, and 16 head.

Mobile laundry units come in the following configurations: 6 station, 8 station, and 16 station units.

Restroom units come in the following configurations: 3 station, 4 station, 7 station and 8 station units.

All assets can be provided turnkey (i.e. servicing, potable water, grey/black water removal, etc.) if needed.

Catering Services

Utilizing our top of the line catering resources, AllSource can provide catering services from small scale company events to large scale feeding operations up to 10,000 meals per day.

Whether the event is weather related feeding sites for private/public industries or a beautiful wedding, our team of private chefs are accompanied by top of the line kitchen equipment and the expertise of 50+ years of food service experience.

Heavy Equipment

From forklifts to cranes, AllSource can provide a plethora of rentals to include operation of that equipment at cost effective rates.Caterpillar, United Rentals, and Sunbelt are just a few of the large scale rental companies that supply AllSource across the country.AllSource is here to supply your heavy equipment rental needs.

All Source Consulting

Consulting and Planning

With multiple successful years utilizing ICS (Incident Command System), AllSource has developed a management system to fully incorporate all planning and functions for any event.

AllSource has been “boots on the ground” for floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, and tropical storms.If you can think of a remote response scenario – we have been there.

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