Big Capabilities In A Small UAV

The improved Super Bat now features increased fuel capacity, an on-board generator for 10 hour flight duration, and a more powerful catapult launcher. Improved landing gear means greater shock absorption for rougher fields.

Performance Characteristics
Endurance 10 Hours + Reserve
Operational Ceiling 15,000 ft
Speed Range 40 to 70 kts
Telemetry Range 6-10 Mile Radius*
Fuel Range 450 miles
VTOL Performance with Aerodynamic Efficiency at High Cruise Speed

The V-Bat is a long endurance VTOL design ideal for shipboard and confined area operation. A ducted fan desairign maximizes operational safety by eliminating exposed rotors.  The aircraft is launched and recovered in a 20 x 20 ft clearing and can fly for up to 8+ hours with a 5+ lb payload.

The combination of VTOL operational convenience, with the safety of a shrouded fan and fixed wing duration in a small UAV system, will revolutionize the availability of UAV operations from confined areas, bridging a critical mission gap at the tactical level where it is needed the most.

Performance Characteristics
Endurance 8+ hours at 45 kts
Operational Ceiling 15,000 ft
Speed Range 0 to 90 kts
Telemetry Range 35 miles
Fuel Range 300 miles